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Diet Pills Do They Really Work

Diet pills have been on the market for a fair amount of time and despite the associated dangers to one’s health, people continue to buy them and use them, which in turn, keeps the business thriving. Though diet pills have been proven to exacerbate minor health problems and even create major health problems and even sometimes provoke death, for some odd reason, a lot of people continue to use them. This must mean that they work! If not, the overly negative potential side effects would deter people from using them. If something doesn’t really work, and has terrible side effects, no one uses it; however, if it works all right, but has negative side effects, consumers tend to buy into it saying that they won’t use it long enough for the negative side effects to affect them. This is what smokers have been saying for decades.

However, the medical evidence is more divided on the question of whether or not diet pills actually work. The traditional form of diet pill, the one that simply gives people a ‘full feeling’ so that they don’t feel inclined to eat, or overeat, is thought to work by some and not to work by others. Many researchers claim that the pill does, indeed, have the desired effect of urging people to eat less because they don’t feel hungry, but other researchers take an approach that is not so oversimplified. Their claim is that drinking lots of water has the same effect of making one feel full without having eaten much (plus, drinking lots of water has its own health benefits). In addition to this initial claim though, researchers who take a broader view on the subject draw one’s attention to the fact that neither a diet pill nor large amounts of water have any effect on hunger signals from the rest of the body. The stomach being full doesn’t mean that the body has energy; the rest of the body will be sending the person signals that it’s time to eat and not just time to try to fool the stomach.

Hunger goes much further than simply the stomach; hunger has many other seats within the body, and other types of diet pills attempt to target hunger in a more global sense than the traditional diet pills try to do by simply making the stomach feel full. A host of diet pills and dietary supplements claiming to suppress appetite work on various other systems of the body in order to make the body feel more satisfied and crave eating less.

While some people swear by various diet pills and supplements that they’ve tried over the years and eventually found their product of choice, many other people agree that they’ve tried just about everything and that none of them actually ‘work’! In addition to this lack of consensus as to whether or not they work, there is the very serious problem that this type of product is not tested by the FDA either for efficacy or for safety. What this means is that a product could be potentially damaging your health, and not even having the effect that it claims to have in the first place. The problem is a very complicated one.

The one thing that’s for sure is that a healthy diet and adequate exercise will keep your weight at a healthy level. This is the only REAL solution to diet and weight problems that is known to be 100% effective. This has been known for years, but people all over the world are still looking for shortcuts around this one route that is known to work. Logically, trying to find all these shortcuts is just detracting for the efficiency of the whole system; stick to what works and you can’t go wrong.